1-Click Connection Protection

EdgeWise Connect is a streamlined VPN that swoops in whenever necessary to seamlessly switch you between Wi-Fi and Cellular preventing slow or non-working hotspots from interrupting your online activities.

Safe & Secure, Even at the Edge of Wi-Fi

EdgeWise Connect keeps you online when you’re at the edge of Wi-Fi - that place where videos freeze, maps won't load, calls drop, and audio skips.

But thats not all - EdgeWise uses VPN technologies like bank-grade encryption to ensure that no one is able to spy on your Internet activities.

We are surrounded...

by slow, unreliable, and unsecure Internet hotspots

How it Works

  • With a single click, EdgeWise Connect runs quietly in the background so you can go about your normal activities.

  • When you step out of Wi-Fi range or connect to a bad hotspot, EdgeWise Connect swoops in to seamlessly move your web traffic over to your cellular connection.

  • When you’re back in range of a working Wi-Fi network, EdgeWise will automatically move your traffic back over to Wi-Fi to conserve cellular data.

Reliable Internet Wherever You Go

Our intelligent Channel Bonding technology will keep you online even if your Wi-Fi fails.

Bank-Grade Security

EdgeWise Connect is fully encrypted, so no one can spy on your traffic or steal valuable information.


Great connection!
Had problems all morning today with video and audio business meetings due to poor or inconsistent connectivity. Switched on Edgewise in the afternoon and had perfect video and audio clarity!
Simplicity at its finest!
Having such a powerful tool with the simplicity of a single button!!! I tried it today traveling on the train and usually at every stop the WiFi cuts in and out destroying my connection and now with EdgeWise Connect I didn’t even notice! Highly highly recommended!
Amazing Product!
I can go from my house to my car without my podcast stopping!!! Yay!
Fast steaming even in spotty coverage
This is the app you need if your coverage isn’t perfect. If you share Wi-Fi (in a dorm or apartment complex) and can’t always get great performance, this app will make you very happy.
Perfect for houses with weak Wi-Fi!
I originally downloaded this app because I stream talk radio on my radio app. But after I started using EdgeWise all the time I understood what it is actually capable of doing. My house WiFi cuts in and out often, EdgeWise actually eliminates that while I’m shopping on Amazon or my kid is crying because YouTube won’t load.... all that aggravation in my life is GONE! I recommend this app to anyone who uses Wi-Fi on their phone.... aka EVERYONE!

EdgeWise Connect is no longer available

But the good news is that Speedify can do everything EdgeWise could and more!
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