Why Is My iPhone Internet so Slow? How to Speed It Up

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The Internet on My iPhone Is Super Slow. What to Do

Wondering why your iPhone Internet is so slow? Does your WiFi say it's connected but the Internet is not working? Is Safari on your iPhone rather sluggish, making it a terrible browsing experience for you? You need to act fast and end with the slow Internet on your iPhone.

Why does this happen? Among the multiple causes for a slow iPhone internet, here are the most common ones:

  • you haven't restarted your iPhone in a while and apps start going "wild" with the cache and settings;
  • you’re stuck on a bad WiFi hotspot – you’re connected to it, but it doesn’t work;
  • you’re near the edge of a previously working WiFi network and the iPhone clings on to it.
  • there's a cellular service outage in your area. This means that it can get you only 2G or 3G speeds instead of 4G / LTE.

Bottom line: You need a solution to fix slow Internet on your iPhone. EdgeWise Connect app rescues your connectivity fast and easy with just one swipe.

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Top iPhone Slow Internet Issues and Tips to Fix Them

There are multiple reasons why your iPhone Internet is slow:

  • you’re near the edge of the WiFi signal coverage area
  • you’re connected to a public WiFi hotspot that doesn’t work (bad WiFi)
  • ISP or carrier having temporary technical issues
  • faulty network equipment – router, modem.

The common things you can try to fix your iPhone slow Internet issues include:

  • restarting your iPhone
  • getting closer to your WiFi router for better coverage
  • connecting to another public WiFi hotspot
  • resetting iPhone network settings
  • updating your router’s firmware and trying different settings

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EdgeWise Connect Fixes Slow Internet on Your iPhone

EdgeWise Connect is a streamlined VPN that swoops in whenever necessary to protect your connection. It seamlessly switches you between WiFi hotspots and between WiFi and cellular. This way, it’s preventing WiFi issues from interrupting your online activities. It also makes sure you get the fastest Internet on your iPhone.

Here’s how EdgeWise Connect works to fix your slow iPhone Internet issues:

  1. Once you turn it on, EdgeWise runs in the background of your iPhone. You can go about your normal activities.
  2. It detects non-working WiFi hotspot or weak signal strength as you step out of WiFi range. EdgeWise Connect swoops in instantly to seamlessly move your web traffic over to your cellular connection. No more slow Internet on your iPhone!
  3. When your phone connects to a working WiFi connection, the app moves your traffic back over to WiFi. This way, it conserves potentially expensive cellular connections.

Fix Slow Internet on iPhone

EdgeWise is not only the best answer to your question of "why is my iPhone Internet so slow?". It’s also a streamlined VPN that protects your online privacy.

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