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Snowy Owl

CEO, Alex Gizis – on Technology and Conservation

Working in the technology industry for over 20 years, my mind is wired to solve problems for my users. But recently, I have come to realize that I shouldn’t only be looking to solve technical problems–problems that revolve around Internet connectivity, security, and performance. With the release of our newest app, EdgeWise Connect, we decided to make owl conservation integral to our mission. Here’s why.

For too long, people have come to believe that the tech industry is at odds with environmentalism, that we only contribute to the carbon footprint. In many cases, this isn’t wrong. In a recent report, Twitter, Oracle, and Samsung were ranked among the worst offenders. We need to change this perception. Technology can be a force of good in the world: we can use the influence of our companies to spread awareness about conservation, climate change, and the like.

Connectify, Inc. Takes its First Steps Toward Conservation

At Connectify, Inc, we are taking the first steps in that direction with EdgeWise Connect. The streamlined iOS VPN provides one-click connection protection to save you from the edge of Wi-Fi zones. But it also helps save Snowy Owls from the edge of extinction. We donate 3% of revenue to organizations dedicated to owl conservation.

This is just the beginning of our journey. We will be looking for more opportunities to give back–to help make a difference. In doing so, we hope to inspire other companies to do the same. Let’s not just say, “We’re going to make the world a better place!” Let’s do it.

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