Looking for a Free iPhone Wi-Fi Booster App?

Wi-Fi Cellular Switch

Most people know that smartphones can use either a cellular connection or a Wi-Fi connection for making calls, streaming video, or browsing the web. Unfortunately, Wi-Fi connections aren’t always reliable. Sometimes your phone mistakenly connects to a dead hotspot. Furthermore, if you step out of your Wi-Fi range, your connection will drop. For these reasons, many iOS users are searching … Read More

Looking for a Cellular Connection that’s Always On?

Cellular tower

Even if your cellular carrier has good coverage, it is inevitable that you will encounter dead zones–places where you have no reception. Your videos will buffer, your calls will drop, and your Facebook feed won’t load. Is it possible to have a cellular connection that’s always on? The answer is no, not in all areas. But, the solution for that … Read More

Looking for a Wi-Fi Connection that’s Always On?

Wi-Fi Cellular Switch

We’ve all experienced it before. You step out of your home Wi-Fi zone and your Skype call drops or your FaceTime video fails. Wouldn’t it be nice to find a solution to this problem? If you are looking for a Wi-Fi connection that’s always on, keep reading! The problem is a familiar one. You may be pulling out of your … Read More

Fix WiFi Dropping and Cellular Data Disruptions on iOS 12.x

Essential upgrades from Apple are supposed to bring security and functionality improvements. And they do, usually. But sometimes things can go south – like the latest 12.1.4 update from Apple. Or the 12.2 beta 2 release. According to users, there are still issues with WiFi dropping on iOS 12. It seems like the latest update did not fix them. Read … Read More

Fix Playback Issues with Apple Music Streaming

If you listen to your favorite Apple Music playlist while walking down the street or commuting to work, you might get into trouble. Buffering or even disconnect trouble, that is. It’s time to solve this issue once and for all. Enjoy uninterrupted Apple Music streaming of your favorite audio tracks, wherever you may be, no issues. With its one click … Read More

Superb Owl Predictions by EdgeWise

Whether you’re going to a party or watching from your sofa, everyone wants to know who is going to win Superb Owl 2019. Yes, no typo there, as New York Times explains more in this article. Here at the offices of EdgeWise Connect, things are no different. Our app saves your connection on the edge of a Wi-Fi zone, but … Read More

Vote for EdgeWise on Product Hunt! Rescue Your Internet Connectivity!

It hasn’t taken long for people to notice how EdgeWise Connect is different from other apps on the market. Within a week of launching, our app has climbed to second place on Product Hunt’s list of most popular products of the day. Why is EdgeWise Connect so special? It is an app with a mission: EdgeWise rescues your connections from … Read More

Always at the Edge of WiFi? Rescue Your Spotify Connectivity

Listening to your favorite Spotify playlist while walking down the street or commuting to work? Ever had issues with Spotify buffering or stuttering on your iPhone or Android smartphone? It’s time to solve this issue once and for all. Enjoy uninterrupted Spotify streaming of your favorite audio tracks, wherever you may be. Use EdgeWise to rescue your Internet connectivity. Read … Read More