Superb Owl Predictions by EdgeWise

Whether you’re going to a party or watching from your sofa, everyone wants to know who is going to win Superb Owl 2019. Yes, no typo there, as New York Times explains more in this article.

Here at the offices of EdgeWise Connect, things are no different. Our app saves your connection on the edge of a Wi-Fi zone, but our company saves owls from the edge of extinction--so Superb Owl 2019 is a landmark event for us! After careful statistical research, EdgeWise is ready to reveal his prediction. Are you ready for this? [We're not...] Patriots: 7,464 Rams: 84 Hey, hey, we don't like it anymore than you do, but that's what the numbers say!

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So How Did We Make our Superb Owl Prediction?

The answer was all in the data. Here at EdgeWise Connect, we donate 3% of revenue--and $0.01 for every social share--to organizations dedicated to owl research. Our current partner, Project SNOWstorm, works to protect Snowy Owls across the country. So our method was obvious: compare Snowy Owl observations in California and Massachusetts. The greater the Snowy Owl sightings, the greater the chance that the home team will win!

The numbers:

California Snowy Owl Sightings : 84
Massachusetts Snowy Owl Sightings: 7,464

With 7,464 Snowy Owl sightings, it's clear that the New England Patriots will be crowned champion. Oh, if only California was a more popular owl habitat...

Superb Owl Halftime Show

Why We Care about the Superb Owl

There is a common perception that the technology industry is at odds with the environment: that innovation inevitably leads to pollution, deforestation, and even global warming. We want to challenge that misconception--and we’re taking the first step with our latest app, EdgeWise Connect. The app does more than solve the problem of losing your Internet connection on the edge of a Wi-Fi zone. It also contributes to the conservation of endangered owls: we donate 3% of revenue and $0.01 for every social share to organizations dedicated to their preservation.

So while EdgeWise Connect is an easy-to-use networking app that rescues your connection on the edge of a Wi-Fi zone, our company rescues owls from the edge of extinction. We couldn’t be more excited to propel our mission during Superb Owl 2019!

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If you plan to watch the game on your mobile device or while traveling, don’t forget to download EdgeWise Connect, so you never miss a touchdown! EdgeWise Connect rescues your connection from the edge of a Wi-Fi zone--that place where videos stutter and frames drop. Even better? EdgeWise Connect is free until March 1, 2019, so you’ll be able to watch the game without worry!

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