How to Fix iTunes Buffering Problems: Get Reliable Internet

Buffering Issues with Movies from iTunes?

Streaming your favorite videos or music on iTunes while walking down the street or commuting to work? Ever experienced buffering or even disconnects? It’s time to solve the iTunes buffering problems once and for all. Enjoy uninterrupted iTunes streaming of your favorite content, wherever you may be, no issues.

With its one click connection protection, EdgeWise eliminates issues related to privacy and connectivity. See below how it works!

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Why Do You Get iTunes Buffering Problems? How Can You Fix It?

iTunes uses the active Internet connection on your iPhone. Whether you’re commuting by bus, train or just walking down the street, you probably use public WiFi networks. As you move around, the signal strength of the WiFi hotspot you’re connected to will change, resulting in a change in speed performance. When you’re nearing the edge of a WiFi hotspot, you will most likely get an Internet connection that doesn't work.

Also, sometimes your phone connects to a bad WiFi hotspot. This means that although it’s connected to WiFi, it doesn’t have any Internet connectivity.

In both cases – edge of WiFi and bad WiFi connection – your iPhone doesn’t know you don’t have a working connection to the Internet. The iPhone will stay connected to the WiFi hotspot (even if it doesn’t work) until:

  • it finds a stronger signal for the same WiFi network;
  • it detects another known WiFi network to connect to;
  • it will switch to cellular eventually.

During all this “waiting” time, iTunes will not be able to load and stream your videos. That’s how you get into iTunes buffering problems.

iTunes Gets into Buffering Problems When iPhone Switches from WiFi to Cellular

If your smartphone cannot find any known WiFi networks nearby, it’ll switch between WiFi and cellular. The problem is that iPhones prefer WiFi connections rather than cellular ones by default. Even if your WiFi connection is poor and slow, your iPhone will stay connected to that while it’s in its range. Only after it loses signal, will it switch to cellular.

In this case, as you get away from the hotspot, your speed drops and iTunes will have streaming issues. This will generate buffering problems or even disconnects until your iPhone switches to cellular.

How EdgeWise Helps with iTunes Buffering Problems

EdgeWise is an app for your iPhone. Just push the button to activate it and it runs in the background, acting as both a VPN and a connection manager:

  1. EdgeWise constantly monitors the quality of the WiFi signal.
  2. Once you step out of your WiFi range or connect to a bad hotspot, EdgeWise seamlessly moves your traffic over to your cellular connection.
  3. When you’re back in range of a good WiFi hotspot, EdgeWise moves your traffic back to WiFi to conserve potentially expensive cellular connections.

This way, EdgeWise rescues you from bad WiFi hotspots and connection gaps. You won't get any iTunes buffering problems anymore!

Why Should I Get EdgeWise for iTunes Buffering or Disconnect Issues?

We recommend you get EdgeWise if your iPhone loses connectivity often or when the WiFi Internet is too slow. Being powered by Speedify fast bonding VPN, EdgeWise also encrypts all your traffic to and from the Internet. So, you get both a stable Internet and a secure one.

Does EdgeWise Rescue My iTunes Streaming for Free?

EdgeWise is free to use for 3 hours per day. If you need us to rescue your iTunes connectivity 24/7 or you want to help save owls, get a monthly or yearly subscription starting at $1.66 / month.

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