Looking for a Cellular Connection that’s Always On?

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A Cellular Connection that's Always On?

Even if your cellular carrier has good coverage, it is inevitable that you will encounter dead zones--places where you have no reception. Your videos will buffer, your calls will drop, and your Facebook feed won’t load. Is it possible to have a cellular connection that’s always on? The answer is no, not in all areas. But, the solution for that is EdgeWise Connect.

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Why You Can’t Have a Cellular Connection that’s Always On

Your smartphone’s connection comes from a cell tower and is transmitted via radio waves. Large carriers have these towers spread out all over the country to provide comprehensive service. The formula is simple. The greater the number of towers, the more consistent your service.

Unfortunately, cellular connectivity is also based on proximity to these towers. The farther you are from a tower, the poorer your connection. Once you are out of range entirely, the connection will drop. For this reason, you cannot count on a persistent cellular connection.

EdgeWise Connect: The Real Solution for a Cellular Connection that’s Always On

The actual solution to this problem isn’t finding a cellular connection that’s always on. What you are really looking for is something that can intelligently handle your connections. This is because your smartphone is able to use different kinds of Internet connections: Wi-Fi or cellular. Sometimes it is better to use Wi-Fi; sometimes it is better to use cellular. The trick is seamless switching between the two, so you won't get any interruptions.

That is exactly what EdgeWise Connect does. It is a streamlined VPN that swoops in whenever necessary to seamlessly switch you between Wi-Fi and cellular. This prevents slow or non-working hotspots from interrupting your online activities. If you lose cellular reception, EdgeWise Connect will also ensure that you are connected to any nearby available Wi-Fi hotspots. So, you don’t actually need a cellular connection that’s alway on. Instead, you need EdgeWise Connect. Download it here!

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