How to Switch On Mobile Data on iPhone Automatically When Wi-Fi Is Slow

Wi-Fi Cellular Switch

Switch Between WiFi and Cellular Data Automatically on iPhone

Connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi on your iPhone? You certainly must have stumbled upon slow or even non-working Wi-Fi hotspots. You can find those on the streets, in public places, in airports, etc. So what happens?

If you're streaming music or video, it will freeze or switch to a much lower quality. If you're browsing, pages will load slower or not at all. Plus - think about those social media posts - you will be disconnected.

Read below how you can make sure you will have Internet connectivity at all times on your iPhone. See how to switch on mobile data on iPhone automatically, when needed.

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Why You Should Have Your iPhone Switch On Mobile Data Automatically

The second you get to the edge of the Wi-Fi hotspot or if your iPhone connects to a bad Wi-Fi network, your Internet will be messed up. Even though you see a functional Wi-Fi signal strength, that doesn't mean it will also work.

By default, smartphones do not check for the quality of the connection when connecting to Wi-Fi. They will connect to the strongest Wi-Fi network they see. Apple has rolled out the Wi-Fi Assist functionality, which is supposed to do exactly that: automatically switch to cellular. However, many iPhone users report that it doesn't always work as intended. And this can mean, along with the annoyance:

  • your streaming will stop or stutter;
  • you could drop out of an important business call;
  • you can lose decisive time when day trading or gaming online.

EdgeWise Connect: The App to Automatically Turn Mobile Data On and Off

The solution to the slow or non-functional Wi-Fi problem isn’t manually activating and deactivating cellular data. What you are really looking for is something that can intelligently handle your connections and switch on mobile data on iPhone automatically.

Your smartphone is able to use different kinds of Internet connections: Wi-Fi or cellular. Sometimes it is better to use Wi-Fi; sometimes it is better to use cellular. The trick is seamless switching between the two, so you won’t get any interruptions. And, also, use as much Wi-Fi as possible to keep the connection decent without eating up on your cellular data plan.

That is exactly what the EdgeWise Connect app does. It is a streamlined VPN that swoops in whenever necessary to seamlessly switch you between Wi-Fi and cellular. This prevents slow or non-working hotspots from interrupting your online activities. If your Wi-Fi reception is poor, EdgeWise Connect will use just the right amount of mobile data so you won't feel any hiccups.

Still wondering how to switch on mobile data on iPhone automatically? You need EdgeWise Connect. Download it here!

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