Introducing EdgeWise 3.0 – the Best 1-Click Connection Protection

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EdgeWise 3.0 Is Now Available. Make Sure You Update Your iPhone and Android Phones Due to popular demand, EdgeWise 3.0 is here. It brings along a plethora of speed improvements and bug fixes for both iOS and Android. Here are just a selection of the most important improvements: Fixed bugs with HTTPS transport establishment and stability Improved handling of failures … Read More

How to Fix Videos Not Working on Android

Android Phone Won’t Play Videos Without Stuttering, Buffering or Disconnects?It’s extremely annoying when your videos begin buffering or disconnecting while connected on your Android to WiFi. Don’t settle for choppy or jittery videos either. It’s time to solve this issue where videos are not working on Android once and for all. Enjoy uninterrupted streaming of your favorite videos, wherever you … Read More

Internet Keeps Disconnecting on Android? Here’s the Easy Fix

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Here’s How to Easily Fix the Android Internet Keeps Disconnecting ProblemsYou may have encountered Android issues such as the Internet keeps disconnecting – you’re not the only one. It’s possible you are connected to bad WiFi hotspots that don’t have Internet connectivity. Or you are moving out of their range. Google has an extensive troubleshooting guide available here which you can follow. But doing … Read More

How to Fix WiFi Connection Problems in Android

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Android Phone Not Connecting to WiFi? Here Are the FactsRecently you may have encountered Android WiFi connection problems – you’re not the only one. It’s possible you are connected to bad WiFi hotspots that don’t have Internet connectivity. Or you are moving out of their range. Google has an extensive troubleshooting guide available here which you can follow. But doing … Read More

Having Youtube Streaming Issues on Android? Here’s the Fix

How to Fix a Slow Streaming Android SmartphoneUsing your Android smartphone to live stream on YouTube while walking down the street or commuting to work? Or just watching what others have uploaded? If you’ve ever experienced buffering or even disconnects when streaming YouTube content, it’s time to solve the issue. Enjoy hassle-free YouTube streaming and get rid of all related … Read More

YouTube Keeps Buffering on Android? See How to Fix It

How to Fix YouTube Buffering Videos on AndroidEnjoying YouTube videos on your Android smartphone while on the go or while commuting to work? Ever experienced situations when YouTube keeps buffering or even disconnects? It’s time to solve these YouTube issues once and for all. Enjoy uninterrupted YouTube streaming of your favorite videos wherever you may be, no issues. With its … Read More

How to Automatically Switch Between WiFi and Mobile Data on Android

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Switch Between WiFi and Cellular Data Automatically on AndroidConnecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi on your Android smartphone? You certainly must have stumbled upon slow or even non-working Wi-Fi hotspots. You can find those on the streets, in public places, in airports, etc. So what happens? If you’re streaming music or video, it will freeze or switch to a much lower quality. … Read More

Best Smart Network Switch Alternative for Android

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Looking for a Smart Network Switch Alternative?Originally introduced by Samsung, smart network switch is now a coined name for switching between Wi-Fi and cellular on a mobile device. Although this functionality exists in almost every recent Android smartphone, it’s far from being perfect. Many people complain about issues with the smart network switch and are looking for other similar options. … Read More

Introducing EdgeWise 2.0 for 1-Click Connection Protection

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New EdgeWise 2.0 Comes with Dark ModeWhile you’re reading this, your iPhone most probably updated EdgeWise Connect to the latest and greatest version. So, now you have a dark mode you can select. And you also benefit from all the improvements under the hood that our engineers made. Download EdgeWise Connect: iOS | AndroidNew: EdgeWise for AndroidFollowing the success of … Read More

Why Is My iPhone Internet so Slow? How to Speed It Up

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The Internet on My iPhone Is Super Slow. What to DoWondering why your iPhone Internet is so slow? Does your WiFi say it’s connected but the Internet is not working? Is Safari on your iPhone rather sluggish, making it a terrible browsing experience for you? You need to act fast and end with the slow Internet on your iPhone. Why does … Read More