Our Mission

Rescue Connections, Save Owls

Together We’ll Soar

Part of Connectify Inc, EdgeWise Connect was developed to rescue more than just your Internet connection. We believe in technology's ability to effect real change in the world and whenever possible use our platform to do good. So while Edgewise rescues your video calls and file transfers at the edge of a Wi-Fi zone, we help rescue owls from the edge of extinction.

We donate 3% of revenues to charities committed to the preservation of these mystifying birds.

Why Owls?

Owls are ecological guardians and play a key role in the food chain, by keeping rodent populations in check. This, in turn, protects farmers’ crops from infestation.

Unfortunately, pollution, deforestation, and global warming are threatening owls’ survival. Many species, like the Snowy and Northern Spotted Owl, are starting to see a decline in their populations. By working with organizations devoted to their conservation, we hope to make an impact and save these birds before it's too late.


How Can You Help?

Every time you share EdgeWise Connect from within the app, we donate an additional $0.01 to help the owls!

Our Current Partner


Founded in 2013, Project SNOWstorm is one of the world's largest collaborative research organizations focused on the preservation of snowy owls. A dedicated team of volunteers, including scientists, veterinarians, and banders, work together to tag, track, and monitor snowy owls across the US and beyond. The group is also dedicated to education—by sharing all of their findings through interactive maps, blog posts, and photos.

The organization is funded entirely through donations from the public--and we are proud to be a part of this mission.

Learn more about Project SNOWstorm »