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In this guide, we'll answer common questions about EdgeWise Connect and how it works.

How Does EdgeWise Connect Work?

EdgeWise Connect rescues you from dead hotspots and dropped connections when you are at the edge of a Wi-Fi zone. How? By seamlessly moving your Internet activities--like video streaming or voice calls--to your cellular data connection. Once you’re in range of Wi-Fi again, EdgeWise Connect intelligently moves your activity back to Wi-Fi to conserve potentially expensive cellular connections.

Keeping you Safe

In addition to connection stability, EdgeWise Connect also protects your online privacy. With bank-grade encryption, it ensures that no one is spying on your traffic or stealing sensitive information.

Giving Back

EdgeWise Connect saves more than your Internet connections. We donate 3% of profits to charities committed to the preservation of owls. Our current partner is Project SNOWstorm, an organization that uses science to understand snowy owls, and to engage people in their conservation. Learn more about our mission here >

Frequently Asked Questions

Download and Install EdgeWise Connect

EdgeWise Connect was created specially for iOS.

Download EdgeWise

The EdgeWise UI

Let's get you oriented in the EdgeWise Connect interface. It couldn't be easier to use!

  1. Settings - Send logs, get help, and upgrade to Unlimited.
  2. On/Off Switch - Turn EdgeWise on and off easily.
  3. Connection Status - We will display information about how EdgeWise is using your connections here.
  4. Social Share Button - Share EdgeWise Connect on social media and we will donate to help save endangered owls!

Let's Take it for a Spin!

Now that EdgeWise is up-and-running, let’s see what it can do!

The best part about EdgeWise Connect is that once you download and turn it on, you can go about all of your Internet activities without thinking about it. That's because EdgeWise Connect runs in the background, saving you from the edge of Wi-Fi without you even realizing it!

Video Demo - Let's take EdgeWise for a Spin!

EdgeWise Assets

Need an EdgeWise Connect logo or screenshot for your article or presentation? Look no further! We also provide the Press Release from our initial launch.

Download the EdgeWise Media KitGet the EdgeWise Press Release