How to Automatically Switch Between WiFi and Mobile Data on Android

Wi-Fi Cellular Switch

Switch Between WiFi and Cellular Data Automatically on AndroidConnecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi on your Android smartphone? You certainly must have stumbled upon slow or even non-working Wi-Fi hotspots. You can find those on the streets, in public places, in airports, etc. So what happens? If you’re streaming music or video, it will freeze or switch to a much lower quality. … Read More

Best Smart Network Switch Alternative for Android

Wi-Fi Cellular Switch

Looking for a Smart Network Switch Alternative?Originally introduced by Samsung, smart network switch is now a coined name for switching between Wi-Fi and cellular on a mobile device. Although this functionality exists in almost every recent Android smartphone, it’s far from being perfect. Many people complain about issues with the smart network switch and are looking for other similar options. … Read More

Looking for a Cellular Connection that’s Always On?

Cellular tower

A Cellular Connection that’s Always On? Even if your cellular carrier has good coverage, it is inevitable that you will encounter dead zones–places where you have no reception. Your videos will buffer, your calls will drop, and your Facebook feed won’t load. Is it possible to have a cellular connection that’s always on? The answer is no, not in all … Read More